François Barge-Prieur

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My name is François Barge-Prieur. I'm twenty-six years old. Addicted to cinema since ever, I directed my first short movie in 2003. Since then, I've been collecting a certain amount of practical experience of staging, writing, editing and shooting. This Web site gathers most of the different projects I took part in. You will find the short movies I entirely wrote, directed and edited myself, but also co-directed projects, demo videos for artists, a bunch of pictures taken during my journeys, and, of course, samples of the most professional project I've been working on, as director and co-editor, Parisk!, a ten episodes Internet series.

I'm a young movie director looking forward to any kind of projects and collaborations; please feel free to contact me, to share your impressions, your criticisms, your ideas.

François Barge-Prieur



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